Picking the Perfect Monitor for Your Computer

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January 17, 2017
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If you’ve got a great computer, why not get a great monitor to match it. However, you can’t just go out and pick the first one you come across. There are so many to choose from with so many of them being average. Finding the best monitor is like finding the best alloy wheel repair company, it takes time and research. You have to take several things into consideration, and we are going to show you what and how.

Size and Resolution

You probably already know how big of a monitor you want – some opt for the huge 27” one, while others settle for something smaller. Some choose to get two monitors, but then they need a huge desk to fit the both. But, an important thing to focus on here is the resolution. This means that you ought to see how many pixels the monitor displays: the more pixels the better the resolution. You can find the 1080p monitors nowadays, and combining them with the 23” size gives you a rather sharp image. The above mentioned 27” monitor does not work well with this resolution due to the lower pixel density. For such a monitor, you’ll need a lot higher resolution.

Panel Type

Then, there’s the panel issue. There are several panel types out there, and each of them is great for different things. The TN Panels are really cheap and rather common type of a LCD panel. Their response time is really fast and offer support for a high refresh rate. This makes them perfect for gamers, and especially the 3D games. On the other hand, the colors here aren’t that accurate, and get distorted when you change the angle of viewing.

The VA Panels are a great midrange panels. Their color accuracy is better than in the TN Panels, and offers the best black color. However, they sometimes offer strange color effects when viewed from a different angle.

IPS Panels are expensive but offer amazing color accuracy and great viewing angles. This makes them perfect for photographers or graphic designers. But, the refresh rates aren’t really high, making them have slower response time than the TN Panels. This could be bad for gamers, and especially the 3D gamers. Similar to these are the PLS Panels, which are just better and more expensive.

Refresh Rate

This is really important for the gamers. Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz, allowing for a 60 frames per second play. However, getting a 120Hz monitor allows for a better gaming experience because it offers more frames per second, and especially for playing the 3D games. However, the TN Panels are the ones with the best refresh rate, meaning that you’ll have to choose between a great refresh rate and a better looking IPS monitor.

Anti-Glare Coating

Many of the best gaming monitors have this, and it is important because it prevents the light glare. This is a must-have for monitors in well-lit rooms, or rooms with windows behind the computer user. However, this can turn the picture a bit fuzzier and duller. So, you’ll have to choose between glare and a sharp image.

Stand and Swivel

Stands are rather different for each monitor; some are solid and some are flimsy. Some swivel from one side to another and others tilt vertically. So, have this in mind before you settle on the monitor that you’d like to have.

Connector Types

Make sure your computer has the connector your future monitor has. This is really simple, but should be taken into account when choosing a monitor. So, make sure you do some research on thins, and only then choose a monitor.

Other Stuff

There are also monitors that have speakers built into them, others have USB ports. See which of these extra things you need before you settle on a monitor. Read the monitor reviews to see which one has everything you want. This will make the search a lot easier and will leave you with the monitor you like.

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