Things to Consider about Portable Air Conditioners

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January 26, 2017
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Portable air conditioners are a great thing, but there are still some things you about to take into consideration before you get one. These things can help you understand just how much better you can use this thing and receive much more for much less trouble. Basically, we’re going to tell you all about why these things take up so much space, why they waste so much power, why they are so loud, and why they are so expensive.


Most portable air conditioner companies claim that their units are completely portable and require no installation or a hose. However, they do need to pass the heat to the outside of the room you’re in, just like the regular air conditioners, right? Well, that’s true, and there is also the fact that they’re not as pretty as the standard cooling units; a bulky hose has to do with that. Keep in mind that the longer the hose, the more energy the unit is going to waste.

These “portable” devices still need to have a venting kit installed, and even though they’re much smaller than the ones the window air conditioners use, they’re still necessary. So, have that in mind before you set out and buy a “portable” air conditioner which you think can just be placed anywhere in the house.

Lower Energy Efficiency

It is the BTU/h rating that defines the cooling capacity of a unit, and it is clear from the very beginning that a portable A/C unit just doesn’t have that big of a rating to outperform the standard air conditioning unit. These units use most of their power outside of the home, where they dispose of the waste heat, but the portable units do it all inside of the home, thus increasing the heat by 30%!

Exhausting the Cool Air Outside

This is something that can be considered a big problem for the bestest portable air conditioners with a single hose. They just suck the air out of the room, which creates a vacuum. Therefore, if you have an air-tight room, this vacuum can be felt, which is a bad thing because it can allow air from anywhere else to start leaking into the room. This air is usually hot and humid, meaning that the room is just going to get hotter and hotter, and not cooler and cooler.

However, it should be fair to say that the due hose portable A/C units don’t have this problem, and that it only appears in the units with one hose.

Noise and Condensation

When the air gets cooled down, the moisture that can be found in it is going to start to turn into water. Therefore, if a day is rather humid, the condensation tank of the portable A/C unit is going to get filled up rather quickly. So, try to find a unit that offers the vaporization of the contents of this tank through the exhaust air.

The noise is something that the people just hate. The standard A/C unit has the compressor on the outside of the house, making the noise non-existent inside, while the portable ones have the compressor inside the house, making the noise louder. Also, if there are any loose parts, they’re just going to amplify the noise. A nice soft pad under the portable air conditioner could reduce it.

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