Shopping Tips: Why Acrylic is Better Than Glass

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October 13, 2017

It goes without saying that many people use glass when it comes to glazing, but it would appear that there is a material out there that can be used as a great alternative to this material, and in some cases, it is even believed to be far superior to glass, and this material is called acrylic. This amazing material is used mostly in galleries and museums today, but it seems to be used more and more in security screens and boats as well.

The reason why acrylic (or plexiglass sheets) is such an amazing material lays in the fact that acrylic is extremely strong, but at the same time unbelievably lightweight. This makes this material almost unavoidable when it comes to security purposes; at least if the producer wishes to have a superior product. The acrylic is actually 17 times stronger than the conventional glass, and as we have said, it is also much more lightweight than it; but we didn’t say that the acrylic is also lighter than the security glass as well! So, basically, whenever you have a project in which the weight is considered to be an important factor, acrylic is the best material for you. It is just great for the police riot shields, and as the material for the inside of a security van. To complete the security package, you could even add a secure lock from Fast Keys – that’ll definitely deter the most hardened criminals!

Another reason why acrylic is believed to be superior to glass is the fact that it can reduce the risk of an injury of the person that is handling the material in question. There really isn’t any risk of a back injury when it comes to these people, not is there any risk of dropping the material due to its weight. However, even if a drop would happen, the acrylic is an amazing material that just wouldn’t shatter, and in that regard is far superior to glass. Also, no shattering means no risk of any cuts and bleeding. Besides the improbability of the cuts on the shattered acrylic, we can also safely say that it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to cut themselves on the edges of the material due to the fact that they are completely smoothened out and polished. This is something that you just cannot do with glass – a material whose edges are always going to be sharp, and where there’s a constant threat of cutting – either yourself or anyone else around you.

And perhaps the best reason why acrylic is so much more superior to glass is the fact that it is able to pass so much light than the glass. The acrylic is a material that allows about 92% of light to pass through it, while the glass only has the ability to pass about 80% of glass through it. This allows this material to be the preferred choice in museums that need a material that is going to allow the exhibits to be protected, and yet be clearly visible to the museum visitors. Apart from the usage in museums, acrylic is also a great choice for the boats, and especially the boat windows and hatches. It is clear that the size is something that is limited there, and that is exactly why it is so important to have a material that is going to allow as much natural light as possible to go through it and fill in the boat cabin.

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