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There are many ways to make money online, but you do need to know where to find them. There are also scams and it is also important to know how to avoid these.

Freelance work

There are sites online where you can pick up freelance work. These can be very helpful and you can find a big range of work on sites like this. You may pick up things like freelance writing, graphics, programming and even admin work. They are a great way for those seeking work to meet those that need employees. You will often need to submit your CV and then apply for various jobs on the sites. There will be employers from all over the world and you will also be competing with workers worldwide, which means that the pay rates might be quite low. You will need to be prepared to get paid in US dollars as well as that tends to be the universal online currency. However, if you get paid into Paypal then you can easily convert it before you transfer it into your bank account. You will need a Paypal account to keep payments secure as it is probably not wise to give out your bank details to strangers to get BACs payments. Some freelancing websites have an escrow system which protects employers and employees. This means that the employer has to put the money into an account held by the website owners and they will release it when the work has been submitted. Sometimes it is released in instalments, depending on how much money there is.

Selling things

Selling things online is a way that a lot of people make money. You can sell things that you own and no longer need, perhaps through auction websites or social media selling groups. This can be a good way of decluttering and raising a little bit of money. However, many people will make a lot more by selling as business. They might sell things that they make, perhaps because they have monetised their hobby. They might buy things to sell on and perhaps have online shops on their own websites or use shops within other websites or use auction sites. There are many different options and it is well worth doing research first. You will want to make sure that the site has similar items to the ones you are selling on it, because it will mean that you know that there will be customers for your items. Consider the costs of selling as well, which will not only include fees for listing items and selling them on others sites but also the payment processing costs, postage and packaging costs and the costs of buying the stock. You will need to make sure that you can sell the items for enough money to cover all of those costs and provide you with some profit or else it is not worth bothering at all.

Own website

Some people make money form having their own website, blog or social media pages. There are different ways of making money from these but mostly it is form advertising revenue. If you get enough visitors looking at your page then advertisers will be keen to advertise on your site. They will probably only pay you for any click throughs they get form the advertisements on your page, although all advertising does work differently so it will depend on how you organise it. Although some people do well through this sort of thing, many people try and do not do well or make nothing at all. You need to make sure that you can slot into the market and do not have too many competitors. It can be a lot of hard work to be able to get to a stage where you are making a significant amount of money.

Spotting scams

Sadly, there are scams out there. They are not always that easy to spot but there are some rules that you should follow. Never give any money to a website before you get any work. There is no reason why you should pay them, they should be paying you. Read reviews of the site before you sign up or ask people you know whether there are sites that they have used and would recommend. If you have a feeling that the site is not legitimate, then avoid it. There are plenty of sites that will pay.

So, although there are plenty of ways to make money online, including those listed, you do need to be careful. There are scams out there and even if you find genuine paid work, it may not be paid as well as a more conventional job. It can be a very convenient way to work though, especially if you would rather work from home or if you need to work from home so that you can look after family. Just make sure that the job you get will pay enough to cover all of your expenses and that you can manage without having to borrow money.

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